Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chubbyness.. :(

Why some of people judge you on what they see not on your personality? Yeah im not ugly, stout and is so depressing that some people can't accept who you are..I met someone yesterday..before we meet, he was so excited but when he saw me in front of him i notice that he looks dismayed on me..but he still keeps on entertaining me..and when we got home he didn't texted me..i don't know why..then i saw him online on facebook so i ask him what happen..he said he run out off load so he can't text me so I understand i ask him if he enjoyed the day.. he said yes..and i also ask if his disappointed on me..he said a bit..because he didn't expect that im chubby..i froze when i heard that from him..i was so embarrassed..i don't know what to say to him.. i just said sorry..and he left..

Why i cant please everybody.. i didnt do anything bad on him..i just cant take it that you treat him right then after that he will just judge you because of your looks and didn't appreciate you and your character..

I hope someday i loose my weight and prove to him that he just loose someone that has great personality..its his lost not mine..he's worthless