Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chubbyness.. :(

Why some of people judge you on what they see not on your personality? Yeah im not ugly, stout and is so depressing that some people can't accept who you are..I met someone yesterday..before we meet, he was so excited but when he saw me in front of him i notice that he looks dismayed on me..but he still keeps on entertaining me..and when we got home he didn't texted me..i don't know why..then i saw him online on facebook so i ask him what happen..he said he run out off load so he can't text me so I understand i ask him if he enjoyed the day.. he said yes..and i also ask if his disappointed on me..he said a bit..because he didn't expect that im chubby..i froze when i heard that from him..i was so embarrassed..i don't know what to say to him.. i just said sorry..and he left..

Why i cant please everybody.. i didnt do anything bad on him..i just cant take it that you treat him right then after that he will just judge you because of your looks and didn't appreciate you and your character..

I hope someday i loose my weight and prove to him that he just loose someone that has great personality..its his lost not mine..he's worthless

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who's the fairest of them all..

Yesterday, I played with my 120 eyeshadow palette from Dollface Cosmetics. I was thinking what look should I do. Then I saw my headband with a large ribbon. Then poof! An idea came on my mind to put up a look just like Snow White. I know im not that fair like her but i try here with a little help of make up and good lighting..hehhehehee...^_^ So here are the pics inspire by Snow White.

Hope u all like it..hmm maybe next time i try another Disney character..see yah!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ulzzang Mania!

Ulzzang is a term use in Korea which means "best face". Another term for ulzzang is "Kawaii" or it means "super cute". And hir are my ulzzang pics! Hope you like it!

Image Hosted by
By mkrizia
This is the nerd one hehehe!

Image Hosted by
By mkrizia
The cutie look!

Image Hosted by
By mkrizia
And the innocent look! hahaha!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My First Attempt..

Nyahaha..this is my first attempt to use my 120 palette. Actually i do not know what should i do or what look should i make.. anyway i love the color i decided to make a look inspired with this color..And this is the result...huhuhu..i'm a beginner so sorry if it doesn't look good.

The date on my cam is not updated nyahahaha...and im too lazy to edit it..

Anyway, I used the darkest shade of violet to cut my crease, silver on my lids and lavender at my brow bone..All colors comes from my Dollface Cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette.. then i use TFS pen eyeliner to line my upper lashline and Elizabeth Arden pencil eyeliner..

Also i used Etude House BB cream the Smooth and Silky one..and i set it with Ellana Pure Blend Mineral Foundation in Cafe Mocha..and for my lips i use Dollface Cosmetics
32 lip color palette..but i dunno what color is it but i think it a nude pinkish color..

So that's it..that's my first attempt..i know it's not good and i need more practice..and i need a good lighting and camera hahahha... anyway, thanks again to Dollface Cosmetics for my palettes! I love them!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Digital Traincase 1st Giveaway Contest

Sol of (My Digital Traincase) has reach its 100 follower and she is giving away special NYX items for celebrating it.

Her prices includes:
3 powder blushes
3 single eyeshadows
1 trio eyeshadow
1 double sided eyeliner and shadow
1 megashine lipgloss
2 round lipgloss
1 round lipstick
1 glitter
1 cream blush in Orange (NARS Exhibit A dupe)
Plus 1 MAC lipstick in Hue
everything will be placed in a bnew Sigma Makeup Pouch in Black!

This contest is so awesome..since this is my first time to enter a blog contest.
So ladies what are you waiting for? Join now!

I Love Dollface Cosmetics!

This morning i got my package from Dollface Cosmetics. I was really excited opening my package that i didnt remember to take a picture of it..hahhahaa...
See i've already opened it before i can take the picture..

This whats inside the package.. It was neatly wrapped on bubble wrap to avoid unnecessary breakage. And these are the my palettes! Nicely packed on a black boxes.
The big one is the 120 eyeshadow palette and the small one is the 32 lip color palette. Is that obvious that im so excited that im sharing these pics step by step..hahaha.. An this is their dollface!
And finally, i'm presenting my palettes!

At last, my long awaited package has come..Thank you to Dollface Cosmetics especially to Ms. Pearl.. Till nxt time!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Beauty Paradise

Recently, I was hooked to a brand of cosmetics i found in multiply. The brand is Dollface Cosmetics. It's really a heaven for me. Their palettes and brushes are very affordable. I really love make ups but collecting them is too expensive..but when i saw this site, i became addicted to it..

Now, i have a chance to try their product..tnx to my friend Christopher Cervantes who bought it for me for my birthday..Now, i will just wait till it arrive on monday..wheew im so excited!

Thanks also for Ms. Pearl of Dollface Cosmetics for accommodating me.. She's a good seller..Hope i will do business with you again soon..